How much data am I using?

This Average Data Usage table will give you an idea of how much data your favourite online activities use when you connect to the internet on your smartphone or desktop. Remember this table is a guide only, and you need to make sure you keep track of your own data usage while in NZ or overseas.

Data Usage On Mobiles

Activity Time Other
15 Minutes 30 Minutes One Hour
Browsing 5MB 10MB 20MB
Social Media 5MB 10MB 20MB
Video Streaming (Standard) 30MB 60MB 120MB
Video Streaming (HD) 60MB 120MB 240MB
Music Streaming 15MB 30MB 60MB
Skype (video chat) 20MB 40MB 80MB
Google Maps 9MB 18MB 36MB
Email (w/out attachments) 1MB per 40 emails

This usage guide is based on average usage values as an example only, and should not be taken as a real indication of cost or usage. Source: New Zealand Telecommunications Forum Inc. International Mobile Roaming Guide – April 2014 There are 1024kb (kilobytes) in 1MB (megabyte), and 1024MB in 1GB (gigabyte).