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2degrees International Roaming

Bon Voyage! We hope you have a great trip.

Here’s a quick primer on everything you need to know about using your 2degrees Prepay or Pay Monthly plan while overseas. If you’re come to this page while connected to a Wi-Fi network, there won’t be any Daily Roaming charges.

NOTE: Even if you’ve come to this page while not connected to a Wi-Fi network overseas, you won’t be charged for Daily Roaming. However, if you’re not on a Wi-Fi network, your phone may refresh or update other apps (like email or social media), even if you aren’t using them. These functions will trigger a Daily Roaming charge if applicable.

To learn more about Daily Roaming, we suggest checking out our quick roaming tips and roaming FAQs to make sure the only unexpected thing you arrive home to is the weather.

How to get roaming on your mobile

If you’re in an applicable destination, you will receive a welcome text from 2degrees when you turn your phone on in that destination. In over 100 destinations, Daily Roaming costs $8 per day. This rate is charged as soon as you do any of the following:

  • make a call (including to Voicemail)
  • receive a call (or don’t answer an incoming call that diverts to your Voicemail)
  • send a text; or
  • use mobile data (This includes any apps that may refresh or update automatically, even when you aren’t using them.)

Please note, if you’re on Prepay, your plan must be active before accessing roaming services. From our end, we reduce your speeds down to 128Kbps after you use 1GB per day.

If you’re in a destination where you need to purchase a Roaming Data Add-on, follow the instructions in the welcome text. If you don’t purchase a Roaming Data Add-on, you will still be able to call and text for a great rate, but you will not be able to use mobile data in that destination.

Only your plan’s NZ minutes, texts and data allocations are included in Daily Roaming. This allows you to call or text any standard mobile or landline in NZ, Aussie, and the destination you’re in (as applicable). Add-ons and extra plan inclusions including the International Chat Pack, special rates, promotions and deals are not included in Daily Roaming and will incur additional charges when you use them in your overseas destination.

In certain destinations, answering a call will not trigger the Daily Roaming rate. Instead, you’ll be charged $1.15 per minute. These destinations include:

  • Cook Islands
  • Western Samoa
  • Tonga
  • Vanuatu
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Nauru
  • Fiji

When you land back in New Zealand, we'll automatically detect that you're home, and your regular plan use will resume. You don’t need to do anything else.

How to get Roaming on your iPad or tablet

If you’re a tablet or iPad user in a Daily Roaming destination, roaming services will be automatically be active when you turn your device on in that destination. If you’re using your tablet or iPad in a Roaming Data Add-on destination, you first need to insert the device’s SIM card into a mobile phone and connect to a cellular network in that destination. Then text ‘Y’ to 237 to purchase the $57 Data Add-on which comes with 500mb of data.

You’ll receive a confirmation text to let you know your Roaming Data Add-on has been purchased. You may then replace the SIM card back into your tablet or iPad.


How to check your Roaming usage

You can check your Roaming balances by:

  • Logging in to Your 2degrees online
  • Logging in to the 2degrees App and tapping to expand your balance

We’ll send you a notification text if your data is low or has expired. If you're using an iPad or tablet, you won’t receive text alerts, so please remember to check your usage regularly online, or using the app.

You can check your balance of data or set limits to your total spend in the 2degrees mobile app, or by logging in to Your 2degrees online.

Check our roaming FAQs page for more information on managing your data while overseas. Usage will vary depending on several factors, including device model, the device settings, network used and application settings.

Quick Roaming Tips

Roaming rates

There are different roaming services and rates depending on where you’re travelling to:

  • $8 per day for over 100 Destinations
  • $57 Roaming Data Add-on Destinations
  • No Data Destinations
  • No Service Destinations

All roaming charges are in addition to your plan charges.

Daily Roaming destinations

In the 100+ destinations listed below, you can use your NZ plan allocation (minutes, texts and data) for just $8 per day. Excludes calls or texts to premium rate or satellite numbers.

Add-ons, International Chat Pack, special rates, promotions and deals are not included and may incur additional charges on use overseas.

International calling and text rates also apply for calls made to destinations other than NZ or Aussie.

If you run out of plan data allocations, you can buy a NZ data Add-on. For example, if you’re running low on data while roaming, you could buy a 1GB NZ Data Pack to top up.

Please note, that any mobile apps operating in the background may trigger the daily rate through use of mobile data. If you want to avoid incurring the daily rate in $8 Daily Roaming destinations, make sure your mobile phone is either switched off or is in Flight Mode while you’re overseas.

$8 Daily Roaming Destinations:

NB: Reduced speeds of 300KB per second apply in certain destinations, as indicated by the + symbol.

Anguilla + Grenada + Peru
Antigua And Barbuda Guernsey Philippines
Argentina Guyana+ Poland
Aruba Haiti Portugal
Austria Hong Kong Puerto Rico
Australia Hungary Qatar
Barbados + India Republic of Korea
Belgium Indonesia Romania
Bermuda Ireland Saint Kitts And Nevis +
Brazil IsleOfMan Saint Lucia +
British Virgin Islands + Israel Saint Vincent And The Grenadines +
Bulgaria Italy Samoa
Canada Jamaica + San Marino
Cayman Islands + Japan Saudi Arabia
Chile Jersey Scotland
China Kenya Serbia
Christmas Island Latvia Singapore
Colombia Liechtenstein Slovakia
Cook Islands Lithuania Slovenia
Costa Rica Luxembourg South Africa
CoteD'ivoire Macao Spain
Croatia Macedonia Sweden
Cyprus Malaysia Switzerland
Czech Republic Malta Taiwan
Denmark Mexico Thailand
Dominica + Mongolia Tonga
Dominican Republic Montenegro Turkey
Ecuador Montserrat + Turks And Caicos Islands +
El Salvador Morocco + US Virgin Islands
England Nauru United States
Estonia Nepal+ Uruguay
Fiji Netherlands Vanuatu
France Northern Ireland Vatican City
Germany Norway Vietnam
Ghana Panama Wales
Greece Papua New Guinea  

Roaming Data Add-on Destinations

For the destinations listed below, the following calling and text roaming rates apply:

  • $3.45 per minute when you make a call anywhere in the world*
  • $1.15 per minute when you answer any call
  • $0.91 for every text you send anywhere in the world*

*Does not include premium or satellite numbers.

To use roaming data in these destinations, you’ll need to purchase a 500MB Roaming Data Add-on for $57. You’ll be prompted to do this in the welcome text we send you when you arrive in your destination.

If using your tablet or iPad in Roaming Data Add-on destination, you first need to insert the device’s SIM card into a mobile phone and connect to a cellular network in your overseas destination to receive the welcome text.

Afghanistan Gabon Myanmar
Albania Gambia Nicaragua
Algeria Georgia Nigeria
Angola Gibraltar Oman
Armenia Greenland Pakistan
Bahamas Guadeloupe Palestine
Bangladesh Guam (Northern Mariana Islands) Paraguay
Belarus Guinea Bissau Russian Federation
Belize Guinea Conakry Rwanda
Benin Honduras Sierra Leone
Bolivia Iceland Solomon Islands
Botswana Iraq South Sudan
Brunei Jordan Sri Lanka
Burundi Kazakhstan Sudan
Cambodia Kiribati Tajikistan
Cameroon Kosovo Timor Leste
Congo Kuwait Uganda
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kyrgyzstan Ukraine
Egypt Laos Uzbekistan
Faroe Islands Liberia Yemen
Finland Martinique Zambia
French Guiana Moldova Zimbabwe
French Polynesia Mozambique  

No Data Destinations

If you’re in a No Data destination, you will be charged 2degrees’ applicable casual roaming rates for calls and texts relating to the destination you are in. There is no charge for receiving texts.

Azerbaijan Lesotho Sao Tome and Principe
Bhutan Maldives Seychelles
Bosnia & Herzegovina Mali Suriname
Cape Verde Mauritius Tanzania
Cuba Namibia Trinidad & Tobago
Djibouti New Caledonia United Arab Emirates
Equatorial Guinea Niger  
Lebanon San Marino  


No Service Destinations

Destinations that are not listed above are not eligible for roaming services with 2degrees. You will not be able to use calling, text or mobile data functionality on your phone through your 2degrees plan.

Quick roaming tips

  • If you haven't got the 2degrees Mobile App yet, connect to WiFi and download it from the Apple App Store, Huawei Gallery or Google Play Store
  • Use the app or sign in to Your 2degress to check your usage
  • If you’re on Pay Monthly, set up a Spend Control limit before you leave home to manage your spend while you're away
  • You can avoid unwanted data charges by turning data off on your phone and connecting to WiFi to use the internet. You will only be able to connect to the internet and check emails if you use WiFi. Switch data back on when you return to New Zealand to ensure you get the best possible coverage.
  • If you have a compatible phone, you may also be able to use WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling is a service that lets you make and receive calls and texts anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection, even if there is no mobile coverage. Because you don’t use data (it only uses your plan’s minutes for calls back to NZ/Aussie) it can be an effective way to save on costs when you’re roaming. If you have a compatible device and are using the latest software, you can enable WiFi Calling in your device settings. Read more about using WiFi Calling

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE allows you to make high-definition (HD) calls from your mobile using our 4G network. Simply put, when you make a voice call over VoLTE, you connect quicker and enjoy a clearer connection with reduced background noise. Read more here about using VoLTE roaming.

Get help if you can’t connect overseas

If you are you in one of the destinations where 2degrees Daily Roaming is supported but have difficulties connecting to a network, we suggest trying the following:

  • Ensure that the handset has the network selection settings set to Automatic.
  • Action a hard reset of the mobile phone
  • Try the SIM in a different handset

If none of this helps, email us at roamingsupport@2degrees.nz and we’ll do our best to get things sorted as quickly as we can. In your email, please be sure to include the following information so that we can get to solving your issue sooner:

  • Your 2degrees mobile number
  • Name
  • Primary and alternate contact numbers
  • Contact email address
  • Current overseas destination you’re in including country, city and local address
  • Make and model of your smartphone
  • Brief description of the problem
  • Error message (if any)
  • Roaming network provider
  • Please specify if you’re having issues with making or receiving phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, or using data overseas
  • If your issue is with making phone calls, please send us a screenshot of the failed attempts (at least 2 examples). Please also mention the time zone and if possible, the name of the mobile service provider of the other person